Who We Are

Welcome to SFE’s GoPig website. This website was developed to inform our existing and future clients about pipeline cleaning services commonly referred to as “pipeline pigging” or “pipeline swabbing”.

Southwestern Flowtech & Environmental was started in 1992 by Glenn Cumyn, the current President of SFE, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since that time, the company has expanded to Alberta (1999) and the United States (2000), based out of Bellingham Washington, and Sacramento California. Southwestern Flowtech & Environmental soon evolved into SFE Global.

SFE Global provides flow monitoring, data collection, municipal services such as manhole inspections, smoke testing and of course, pipeline pigging and swabbing. Since 1992, SFE has serviced a wide variety of private and public clients from many areas stretching from Alaska to California and as far east as Ontario and Florida.

SFE is the only company in North America with extensive experience swabbing and pigging domestic water pipelines, sanitary siphons and forcemains, and many other pipeline configurations, such as ocean water intake and discharge lines, steam lines, heating and cooling systems, sanitary gravity pipelines, etc.

For more information on SFE’s wide range of services, please contact Nicole Moen at 1-888-567-9994, or visit our website at www.sfeglobal.com