Frequently Asked Questions

 Can you swab or pig this pipeline?
We hear this all the time….and we love it. A client has a pipeline and is wondering whether it can be swabbed or pigged. There are several factors that come into play when planning a project such as this. However the main question SFE always has first is “Do you have accurate drawings?” If there are accurate drawings of the system, and the pipeline can be isolated with a launch system at one end and a retrieve system at the other….it can be swabbed and/or pigged.

 Can you swab a 36” pipeline?
Yes. SFE can swab a 36” pipeline, in fact we can swab any size of pipeline. However it does become more complex as the sizes increase.

 What size of swab do you use?
Depending on the system details, ideally we go up at least 1 line size (i.e. use a 9” or 10” swab on an 8” pipeline).

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